For more than thirty years Jerome Wallerstein's literary and theatrical works have garnered both critical and popular acclaim. This website is dedicated to showcasing these works, and expanding the author's exposure to an appreciative audience.

Still actively writing, Wallerstein has produced a considerable body of work. His subject matters have been wide-ranging and his character studies richly drawn. Wallerstein's biographical dramas have centered on a diverse array of historical figures including J.W. Goethe, Friederick Nietzsche, Lord Byron, Nat Turner, John Dillinger and The Kinks' Ray Davies. Wallerstein is perhaps best known for the much heralded and intriguing “I Buried Paul”, an inside look at the rumored cover-up of Paul McCartney’s “death” in 1966. Wallerstein’s last rock-related novel, entitled “Can You Find Me Soft Asylum”, is a definitive reference guide to Jim Morrison’s final days. An ebook version is available from the author by clicking here, and a PDF version can be accessed by clicking here. His latest theatrical play, “Pax Vobiscum” was published in 2005; plans remain to bring this intense and thought-provoking drama to the stage. Wallerstein's latest novel, “A Reprobate's Dharma; the enduring dialectic” was published in October 2018, and is now available as an E-Publication.

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