On a magical evening in Kathmandu, a local band sets up in a restaurant's garden and plays some wonderful music. Here is a sample.

·  nepalese garden music.mp3

An excerpt from the author's prologue from the novel "I Buried Paul".

·  prologue.mp3

Most people thought the "gibberish" appended to the final seconds of Sgt. Pepper was playful nonsense, but when listened to backwards, it sounds as if The Beatles were saying "I will f#!* you like a Superman." Give it a listen and decide for yourself.

·  Iwillf#!*youlikeasuperman.mp3

Without question the most famous, and perhaps most intriguing of all the "Paul-Is-Dead clues" to be found in The Beatles' backwards recordings, here is John Lennon saying "Turn me on, dead man", from Revolution9.

·  turnmeondeadman2.mp3

An obscure but fascinating clue, George Harrison's Blue Jay Way contains this backward recording that says "Paul is bloody; Paul is very, very bloody". Somewhat unnerving, and a clear indication not only of Harrison's macabre sense of humor, but also that The Beatles' having embedded backwards messaging was a conscious and deliberate act:

·  paulisbloody.mp3

The loud and cacophonous sounds of a car crash can not drown out the cry "Let me out!" - also from Revolution 9:

·  letmeout.mp3

Lennon's indecipherable mumbling at the end of "I'm So Tired", when listened to backwards, turns out to be him saying "Paul is a dead man, miss him, miss him". Don't believe me? Have a listen for yourself:

·  paulisdeadmanmisshim.mp3

Lastly, a short backwards recording wherein we here the definitive statement "There were two men":

·  thereweretwomen.mp3